“Great outcome! I was looking to refinance just so I could reduce my payment and have a bit of extra cash every month. But, after Theo went over all of the loan programs, the reverse mortgage made the most sense. Thank you for taking the time and explaining the reverse mortgage thoroughly for my wife and I. You were able to clear up our misconceptions about the HECM loan program. Now, we have the say as to how much we will pay every month. We plan to still make some to preserve the equity for our children, but it is our choice and we feel no pressure anymore. This is a gift from God. We can now think about travel and enjoyment of our life without concern for our security and the ability to stay in our home. We love our home and don’t want to move just to have a bit more money.”

Juan and Maria M

Corona, CA

“I just wanted to drop a note to express my gratitude for my new reverse mortgage. After a visit from Theo and some thinking about the program, I decided to go ahead with the reverse. It turned out to be as described. I now have more money every month and I have no more worries about making my payments. Getting the loan was simple, and I did not have to go through an intrusive process. Now, for the first time in many years, I was able to take a trip to Japan to see my sister and her family. It was a trip I thought I would never make. Also, I was able to improve my home to enjoy it even more. I remodeled the bathroom, living room, and now I have air conditioning. Thank you again!” 

Toshiko S

Stanton, CA

“I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with my new loan. I was skeptical at first, having heard some contradictory opinions about the reverse mortgage program and how it worked. Theo was able to answer all of my concerns and made clear the program and how it would benefit me. Now, I am able to enjoy my retirement with more pocket money, less worry about my future and I can focus on my passion, golfing. We wanted to thank Theo for being patient throughout the loan process.” 

Bobby S

Gardena, CA

“I want to let you know how pleased I am with my completed HECM mortgage. Everything has gone just a Theo promised and without difficulties. Even though I had toyed with the idea for a while it had always seemed overwhelming. Your explanation along with the study materials that you supplied and the appointment with the counselor made everything quite clear. The fact that you encouraged me to invite my daughter to sit in on a question and answer session helped a good deal. After you answered all of her questions she was completely in agreement with the idea and now she discusses the HECM loan program with her friends. Again, I wanted to thank you for your help in showing me the way to live out my retirement years in a relaxed and worry free manner.” 

Barbara N

Anaheim, CA

“Initially, I wanted to refinance my home loan in order to ger a lower interest rate and to reduce my monthly payments. After meeting with Theo and reviewing the options that were available and clearly presented, the HUD government insured reverse mortgage made the most sense to me. Not only was Theo very thorough and very knowledgeable about everything the loan programs entailed, he also made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. Now, I am able to save the extra money to use as I wish. My wishes include taking a few major trips, gifting family members, and upgrading some of the rooms in my beautiful home. Many thanks to Theo for his help and for being a true professional.” 

Margaret K

Carlsbad, CA

“A loan originator by the name of Theo from SoCal Reverse became involved in my life during one of the bleakest periods I have ever experienced in my 67 years of I simply could not exist financially anymore on the very meager amount of money I received each month from social security and a very small retirement account. I was afraid and seriously considering refinancing my home into another conventional loan which would have only caused me greater problems as I later came to find out. The final straw came when I was told by the tax assessor’s office that my property taxes would increase by over $3,000.00 a year: There was no way I could pay the additional taxes without some strategic financial guidance. That guidance came in the form of Theo from SoCal Reverse. His ability to intelligently explain the benefits of doing a reverse mortgage made me feel much more at ease. I admit to being very skeptical at first because most people believe that a reverse mortgage is not a good thing to do. As a matter of fact, most people believe it is a very unwise path to take. After talking with Theo on a few different occasions and really listening to what he was explaining, my sister-in-law sat with me so that she could hear about the HECM loan programs as well. I began to relax more and felt that I could trust that what Theo was proposing to me would be of great benefit in eliminating the huge financial stress that I was dealing with. l even talked to another reverse mortgage representative just to make sure that I wasn’t being taken advantage of. At that point, I realized that Theo was truly as honest, intelligent, kind and helpful as I thought he was when I first met him, Truly, he was so helpful!!! He made sure I understood everything that I was doing, every step I was taking and every paper that I was signing. He was my angel without wings. The quality of my life has improved greatly since I got my reverse mortgage. My bills are all tip to date and I am having some repairs done on my home. I’ve put money away into a savings account to pay my property taxes when they are due and I have a much greater feeling of inner peace than I’ve had in many years. I wanted to thank Theo from the bottom of my heart. He is a man of great integrity!!!!! It’s been a genuine pleasure to have done business with him.”

Sandra U

Whittier, CA

“I’ve lived in my home that I inherited from my parents for many years. I was able to keep the loan very low and had accumulated much equity. As I am retired and still in good physical shape, I wanted to get a new four-wheel drive van to go up to the mountains to ski. I have another home in Big Bear. I’ve always wanted the Mercedes Benz van with the diesel engine. Well, after meeting with Theo, it was very clear what loan I was going to get. The Reverse with no payments suited me just fine. I now own the new van, it was delivered just before Christmas. I am very happy and very thankful to Theo for sharing with me a better way to access my home equity. Great loan process, smooth, he kept me informed throughout. Great experience.

Jeff G

San Diego, CA

“I live in a very nice home that is paid for. I have a good income from retirement after working for a good company for 45 years. And I have a good Social Security income as well.. I am comfortable. I just wanted to get some money from home improvements but was not exactly looking forward to making payments again. When Theo came and explained all my options to access the equity in my home, the reverse jumped out as a very good, sensible choice. Throughout the process Theo showed understanding, knowledge and integrity. The final result is a safe loan, no payments and my use of my equity just as I wish. Thank you Theo!.” 

George T

Los Angeles, CA

Working with Theo to get the reverse loan was a very good experience. He helped me undertand the new safety of the reverse, helped me conquer my fears and gave me a great choice in life. I am grateful that he did not give up on me as I was very skeptical at first. I would recommend Theo to anyone that faces retirement with reduce income, as I have, and yet has much unused equity in the home. Thank you! 

Barbara H

Tustin, CA